Is Casein Protein Good For Weight Loss?

Casein is a protein found in milk which consists of 80% casein and the rest whey. Casein is extracted during the cheese making process. Cottage cheese for instance has a good amount of casein and is a popular food for muscle building enthusiasts as well as people who follow a weight loss program. Ideal for prebed for building and sustaining muscle mass(anabolic effect) and preventing muscle catabolism(anti-catabolic effect), casein protein is the perfect food choice for weightlifters and bodybuilders. But is casein protein good for weight loss? People who undertake a weight loss regimen can also find solace in casein as it's slow-digesting and can keep you satiated for several hours, so no more hunger pangs, binging and food cravings.

Protein has only 4 calories per gram so it's not much and as such, casein protein is good for weight loss. Remember you need to cut down on your overall calorie intake while still eating nutritious and filling foods and protein fits really well in your nutrition plan. Casein protein can also increase your metabolism as your digestive system needs to work harder to break it down. This is beneficial for weight loss as a fast metabolism promotes fat oxidation that is the burning of fatty deposits(known as triglycerides) in the adipose tissue or fat storage cells. So even while doing nothing, you can lose weight due to casein intake. Casein is also rich in calcium and the latter strengthens the bones and joints which are fundamental if you're exercising for weight loss.

As opposed to whey protein, casein is not ideal for post-workout as it takes several hours to get digested and you need a fast-digesting protein like whey at this particular time. Over than that, casein can be used during the day and at night too. Casein protein is also available as supplements and best used with some skim or low-fat milk for better taste. 1 scoop can easily yield 22 grams of casein protein and it's convenient because to get that same amount of casein protein, you need to drink many glasses of milk. If mixability is a problem, just use a blender. You can also add some fruits like blueberries and strawberries for added taste and vitamins. Ice cubes are optional but can give you a nice refreshing casein protein shake.

Casein protein supplements are effective for weight loss and building muscle but don't use them as meal replacements too often. You should still focus on whole foods. Supplements are just that, supplementing an existing diet, not replacing it. Casein protein supplements are always convenient for anyone involved in a weight loss routine.

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