Is Japanese Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Japanese green tea has been hailed as a bit of a weight loss miracle. Green tea is low in caffeine, but contains antioxidants that are healthy for your body. There are also some natural chemicals and compounds found in green tea that may help the body to regulate metabolism in a healthy way. This effect of green tea may in fact help you to lose weight naturally, but you can't lose weight just by drinking more green tea.

Common Traps

One problem with the idea that green tea can help with weight loss is that so many green tea drinks are full of sugar. Unless you brew your own green tea, it probably has additives, sugar or sugar substitutes, and other flavorings that really aren't healthy for your body. Green tea drinks that you buy in bottles or cans are not going to help you lose weight - and if they're full of sugar they'll probably help you gain weight!

Combine Green Tea With a Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing that you should consider is that green tea won't make it so you can eat whatever you want and stay thin. In fact, there are very few things that will have that effect and most of them are very unhealthy or prescription medications that are meant for the morbidly obese. When you are so overweight that it has serious health effects, it may be worthwhile to take the risk of using weight loss medications. But for most of us, the benefits of green tea will be enough if combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

In some ways, Japanese green tea is great for you because it offers a tasty alternative to other drinks that are unhealthy and fattening. Most sodas, even low calorie or diet sodas, are very unhealthy and can cause weight gain. When you get empty calories into your intestines, your body feels like you're not getting anything at all and the reaction is usually to store what calories you do get as fat.

Green tea does have some compounds that can help you to regulate your metabolism, burn food rather than store it as fat, and give you a bit of extra energy to get you out to get some exercise. But you also have to feed your body healthy food and get regular physical activity, even if it's just a 20 minute walk each morning, to really lose weight with Japanese green tea.

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