Is Red Meat Good For Building Muscle?

There are several types of red meat like cow, buffalo and bison amongst others. But beef is the most consumed around the world and highly praised by many. Many people simply love a good beef steak, a juicy beef burger or tender meatballs. But the main question that many fitness enthusiasts, muscle building and weight loss adherents ask themselves often is "Is red meat good for building muscle?". For people to ask this question is because red meat usually triggers lots of doubts in people's minds as they know beef is also one of the fattiest meats out there and if you want to build solid lean muscle mass, you should limit the intake of unhealthy fats notably saturated fats.

But what some don't know is depending on the cuts of beef, you can definitely incorporate red meat in your diet without worrying too much. Opt for leaner cuts like sirloin or fillet and if these choices are too expensive, lean minced beef is a cheaper alternative. Just because you heard that a porterhouse, a rib-eye or a t-bone steak are some of the fattiest beef cuts out there does not mean that you should exclude beef in your diet completely. Proper research can be helpful so that you don't miss out on this great food for building muscle. Red meat is a high quality muscle building food and for good reasons.

(1) It's high in protein which is crucial for building muscle and sustaining muscle anabolism. For a 200 gram fillet steak, you can easily get 42 grams of protein and for a 200 gram sirloin steak, that would be about 47 grams of protein. For a 200 gram lean roast beef, that's around a whopping 64 grams of protein. As you can see the protein values are staggering.

(2) Red meat has a higher creatine content than other foods. Creatine plays a fundamental role in muscle building as it promotes muscle growth and mass. It gives strength, mental focus and increases your energy so you can have great and lasting workouts due to the replenishment of ATP also known as adenosine tripphosphate.

(3) Due to its carnitine content higher than other foods like turkey, chicken or fish, red meat packs on more punch in assisting fat metabolism and contributing BCAA's also known as branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids are vital for anyone on a mass-building phase as a deficiency in BCAA's can be detrimental to your muscle building goals.

(4) Red meat is rich in iron, a valuable mineral which creates red blood cells that transport oxygen to your working muscles. Iron is also beneficial for strengthening your muscle fibers. So you can increase your iron intake by eating some beef.

(5) The alanine content in red meat can be really helpful when you're low in carbs as alanine is an amino acid which can create sugar from protein. So instead of using your muscles to provide energy which can result in muscle catabolism, your body uses the sugar instead.

(6) The zinc from red meat promotes protein synthesis and muscle development as well as boosting your immune system.

(7) Vitamins B6 and B12 are plentiful in red meat and these assist the body in hardcore training, fasten recovery from grueling workouts as well as enhancing protein metabolism and synthesis.

(8) Red meat boosts natural human growth hormones(HGH) and helps in testosterone production as well resulting in more muscle mass.

If you are used to eating chicken breast day in day out for your muscle building goals, you can start adding some lean red meat in your diet. Beef is a great addition. The good thing about eating beef is you can have a great variety of cuts like filet mignon, round steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin you name it which have different flavors and textures so your diet won't be boring. With all that said, you should not eat red meat in excess because it can be detrimental for health, anyway too much of anything is usually not recommended. Don't forget to add vegetables along with your meats like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans to supply your body with dietary fiber and get a balanced diet. Next time you ask yourself "Is red meat good for building muscle?", refer back to this article. Thanks for reading.

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