Is turmeric good for weight loss?

Often referred to as "Indian Saffron", turmeric has been used in the Indian culture since a long time and it is famously known for its healing and cleansing properties in the whole world. Indian healers have consistently used it for controlling obesity and weight gain since ages. And what might come as an interesting revelation to many is the fact that apart from being a super-aid for shedding pounds, it also plays a huge role in liver cleansing, inflammatory disease control, cholesterol reduction and arthritis treatment.

The spice is extracted in its raw form from the curcuma longa plant roots, found in southern parts of India and parts of Indonesia originally. Of late, the plant is also harvested in the Oriental and Caribbean fringes of the globe and its therapeutic properties have come into the glare even more.

Turmeric has been associated with weight loss properties due to its Thermogenesis effect. What is Thermogenesis? The Central Nervous system, in its endeavor to maintain a consistent body temperature often triggers fat burning in the system, which is scientifically known as Thermogenesis. Curcumin, the orange pigment in the spice heightens this and thereby accelerates the rate at which the body burns fat. Result? Considerable weight loss for users.

Liver Specialists further enlighten readers on turmeric's capacity to help shed pounds. They say that the liver, of all organs in the body, plays a big role in keeping the body's fat burning capacity active. Turmeric stimulates bile secretion in a liver, "unburdens" toxic residues, detoxifies the organ and protects cells. Dietary fat is therefore broken down faster, thus enabling individuals to lose weight quickly.

Tips for storing turmeric

Turmeric, to maintain its potency of weight loss must be stored in the right way-

· Always store turmeric in airtight containers, away from direct sunlight and heat.

· Do not buy in huge quantities as it starts losing its efficacy after 6 months.

For a healthy weight loss plan include turmeric into your diet and see the amazing results that it brings. Use the internet to find some low-calorie vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes that use this spice and replace your meals with these to reach your weight loss goals quickly. Add it into your grilling marinade, put a pinch of turmeric into your sauces or use it while cooking. The efficacy remains the same, whichever way you may use it, and is bound to bring you awesome results of weight loss in a short time.

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