Is Whey Protein Good For Weight Loss?

Over the past few years, there has been a major increase in obesity rates around the world. Due to their hectic lifestyles, many people are not paying attention to their health. They are leading a sedentary life and eating unhealthy calorie-laden foods. Fast foods and take aways are usually handy and convenient. As time goes by, people are starting to realize the importance of healthy nutrition, supplementation and regular exercising. As such, having recourse to supplements have also become an integral part of a weight loss program. One of the most popular supplements available today is whey protein. Whey protein is derived from milk. Milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey. During the cheese making process, whey is collected.

Whey protein is good for weight loss for 5 reasons:

Build muscle - protein is the building block of muscle building and will also enhance weight loss. The amino acids found in protein are essential to repair depleted muscle tissues and for rebuilding new muscle tissues. After a strenuous exercise session, you will experience muscle atrophy if you don't feed your body properly. Whey protein will recharge your muscles.

Burn fat - the more muscle mass you carry, the faster your metabolism will be and the more fat you can potentially burn. A sluggish metabolism is bad for weight loss.

Increase testosterone levels - whey can potentially elevate your testosterone hormone levels thereby increasing your ability to shed body fat.

Keep hunger pangs at bay - a whey protein shake is filling and packed with valuable nutrients so being satiated will prevent frequent snacking and binging. Adding wholegrain oats, fruits and skim/low-fat milk in a whey protein shake is popular among weight loss adherents so a whey protein shake is nutritious and can become a solid meal.

Low in calories - whey protein is generally low in calories around 120 per serving so it's a great weight loss food.

Whey protein can be used in 3 popular ways:

Breakfast - whey can be a great addition for breakfast, you can add it in your favorite cereals to increase your protein intake.

Pre-Workout - whey can also be used pre-workout along with some carb sources like oatmeal. It will give you more punch for your workout.

Post-Workout - the ideal time to use whey protein is post-workout, this is the best time to have a whey protein shake. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers call it the "window of opportunity". Within a few minutes after your workout, you should have some simple carbs like dextrose or waxy maize and fast-digesting protein like whey. Whey also contains essential branched-chain amino acids and glutamine which will facilitate muscle recovery. If you bypass the post-workout nutrition and wait for several hours before your next meal, it's like you just wasted your workout since you can experience muscle catabolism that is losing muscles.

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