Junk Food Effects

As the holidays pass us by and we go into a new year, a lot of people are on a quest to improve their health by changing the way they eat. The word "diet" is like a no-no and is considered a temporary mindset. Instead, nutritionists and doctors recommend a lifestyle change. Diets are always broken, so it is important to view the new choices as a lifestyle change instead to reap the long term benefits of weight loss, improved health¸ and mental well-being. Junk food effects overall health in the long run of your life if steps are not taken to decrease the frequency of intake of foods with little nutritional value.

Just what is junk food? Junk food is considered foods that taste good with high calorie and little to no nutritional worth. Items such as candy, cookies, cakes, chips, soda pop, and ice cream are just a few items that come up on this list. If you go through your own cabinets, the likelihood of finding these items is very high. A lot of people are guilty of consuming large quantities of junk food on a daily basis which contributes to the epidemic of obesity in our society.

Junk food affects our lives by increasing our risks of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even death if left unchecked. A new lifestyle of eating must be put in place. Heart attacks are often a result of untreated hypertension which is a side effect of increased sodium in the diet. Lots of junk foods contain large amounts of salt and sugar in the ingredients; this is why they taste so good, and junk foods should only be eaten in moderation in conjunction with a well-balanced diet.

Diabetes is a serious disease with devastating consequences. Diabetes occurs when the body is no longer able to regulate the amount of sugar it processes. It is necessary to take shots or pills to help the body regulate sugar intake to keep the body functioning properly. Diabetes left untreated can lead to the loss of sensation in the feet, fingers and toes. Worst case scenarios include limb amputations and death from low or high blood sugar. Junk food effects are many when we become honest, and realize that when we did not take care of ourselves, our futures are at stake. If you love yourself, then invest in yourself by eating foods that are nourishing and helpful to your body. You only live life once, so live a healthy and happy life.

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