Lap Band Weight Loss

Weight loss aspirations are something that most people can associate with. Whether you're a man or woman, there are times where we can overindulged and put on too many pounds. Losing weight is sometimes easier for some than others. There are so many different ways to lose weight and a lot of people have tried most of them. Learning how to lose weight can be easy but the hard part is keeping the weight off. Diet pills, diet shakes, fad diets, and even starvation have all at some time work for us, but what happens when these methods no longer work and you find yourself larger and larger? Lap Band weight loss has been found to be a viable long-term weight loss solution that many people have chosen to take off the pounds.

Just what is a Lap Band? A Lap Band is an adjustable plastic device that is placed around the upper stomach in order to make it smaller. The band is a silicone ring filled with saline that is placed around the upper part of the stomach. The rest of the stomach is below the band and cannot be used for food storage, hence making it only possible to hold small portions of food. The idea of the Lap Band is to cause an individual to feel full and take in fewer calories. The Lap Band procedure was approved by the FDA in 2001 and has been well received by the medical community as a way for those who are morbidly obese to lose weight.

The Lap-Band weight loss procedure is done using a laparoscope which is a tiny operative camera which is used to place the band over the stomach to create a small pouch. Two small cuts are made into the stomach and the laparoscope is inserted into the stomach to place the band. Once the band is locked into place, it is secured and can be adjusted by adding or taking off fluid within the silicone ring. A needle can be used to draw off the fluid, hence the need for close physician follow up after a procedure of this kind.

A clinical trial done in the United States found that the Lap-Band weight loss procedure was very effective in helping individuals lose weight and at least 61% of the individuals in the trial lost at least 25% of the excess weight, 52% lost about 33%, and 10% lost at least 75% of the excess weight. These are some impressive figures to consider when looking into weight loss methods using surgical means.

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