Lose Weight By Not Eating At Night - Myth or Reality?

Is not eating at night to lose weight a myth or reality? It has been said that it's best to avoid eating at night like 10 pm, 11 pm, midnight and so on since it's usually the time people go to sleep. So it's wise to avoid eating when sleeping time is close.

If you plan to eat quite heavily several minutes before bedtime, it's not recommended at all because you don't need that much energy as you will be resting. You better avoid excess of calories at this point in time as your body will be more prone to storing fat. It's vital to keep carbohydrates at bay too. You don't want to eat a big dish of rice, pasta or a long loaf of white bread unless you're still physically active after instead of resting.

In fact, lose weight by not eating at night is a reality and not a myth but depending what kind of food you eat, this reality can become a myth now. Here is why.

Like mentioned earlier, you'd be better off not eating any carbohydrates before bedtime. Instead focus on protein and healthy fats and you don't need to eat that much. Protein and healthy fats will keep you full even in small quantity plus they are low in calories and nutrient-dense. Some popular pre bed protein and healthy fats foods include hard boiled eggs, natural peanut butter, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts and pecans. These foods will make you feel satiated, keep hunger pangs at bay and boost your fat-burning metabolism.

If you don't want to eat, there are also pre bed drinks like milk. Milk is simply liquid food. Drinking skim or low-fat milk is a great option. In fact drinking milk before sleeping is highly recommended. Casein which is found in milk and other dairy products like cottage cheese is a slow-digesting protein which can keep you full for several hours. The good thing about drinking skim or low-fat milk pre bed is it's low in calories but acts as an appetite suppressant. After drinking milk, you get a great feeling of satiety.

Some people who are into muscle building usually consume casein supplements pre bed to prevent their bodies from going without nutrients for several hours. As a result, their body stays anabolic which is building and maintaining muscle mass instead of catabolic that is losing muscles. Using casein supplements give an advantage over drinking milk alone because 1 scoop of casein easily gives 24 grams of protein. To drink it, you can simply mix the powder with some skim milk in a blender to make a milkshake. With milk, you'll need to drink several glasses to reach your protein quota. Casein is not only effective in building muscles but can also help you burn fat while you're sleeping.

So lose weight by not eating at night is not necessarily true. You can still eat without gaining any extra weight. It really depends what you eat and how much you eat. In fact having certain types of food in your stomach even at night can be beneficial for people who want to lose weight. The idea is to eat fat-burning and muscle-building foods in small portions several minutes before bedtime. So you don't have to worry about gaining weight.


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