Start Losing Weight By Eating Lecithin

Most living organisms have abundance of Lecithin in their cell membranes. This enables in the prevention of fat accumulation in the body and thereby ensuring that bad cholesterol does not build up in your body. In fact Lecithin is used for a wide range of health conditions like liver cirrhosis, heart diseases, high cholesterol, memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.

Lecithin can also be found in a natural form in foods like cabbage, egg yolk, soy, grape seeds, etc. In fact lecithin can be found in most plants and animals. It is used as a nutritional supplement and is normally consumed as a gel capsule, pill or in powder form. As a natural source for polyunsaturated fats in the body, lecithin is the ideal supplement you should consume to bring down your high cholesterol levels.

Before you start losing weight by eating lecithin it is important for you to know what lecithin is made of. Well, Lecithin contains a substance called PC or Phosphatidyl Choline. It is a combination of inositol and choline and forms a major part of lecithin. Since lecithin plays a major part in fat and cholesterol metabolism, eating lecithin will definitely help you in losing weight. Breaking the accumulated fats is one of the major functions of lecithin in your body as this helps in preventing fats and cholesterol from building up in your body. Lecithin also helps in metabolizing foods which prevents fat from lining up the arteries and veins of your heart.

Before you start losing weight by eating lecithin you should know that weight gain is a result of very poor liver functions. This means that your liver cannot perform even the most basic functions in a proper manner. Excessive weight due to a malfunctioning liver can be seen in cases of water or cellulite retention or putting on extra inches in the abdomen region. It is said that bile forms a very critical part of digestion and is very crucial for the absorption and metabolism of fats in your body. At the same time most of your body's waste products also get excreted into this bile.

Prior to losing weight by eating Lecithin, you should know that it acts as an emulsifier and antioxidant and forms a very important element of the bile. It assists in dispersing cholesterol and breaking it down into fatty acids and allowing them to stabilize. This enables the liver to perform its functions in a normal manner including breaking down of cholesterol and fat metabolism which is so critical for weight loss.

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