Tips On Losing Weight While Pregnant

Pregnancy, as all to-be-mothers and mothers say, is one of the best experiences of life. A tiny life cradled and growing within you - nothing can replace the feeling of elation that comes with this god-gifted situation. And therefore it is your duty to keep your body fit and well during this special time. Many a time obesity poses a major problem for expecting mothers and losing weight then becomes a very important requirement to prevent diseases like gestational diabetes, muscle cramps or cardiac problems. Below are listed a few tips on losing weight while pregnant but always remember that any attempt at shedding the pounds when you are pregnant must be done with your doctor's advice in tow.

Keep a watch on your diet

In pregnancy, your diet is the main key to you and your baby's good health. Make sure that is good, well balanced and nutritious. Strike out excess sugar/salt, processed foods/sodas and fast food from your platter. Include more of organic meat, fruits and vegetables into your diet. Chicken is a good option as it is lean and fat free. You can get your calcium from low-cal yoghurt and skimmed milk. Avoid fish which has high mercury content. Stop mindless snacking and indulge in other interesting activities when you have a craving for untimely food.

Do moderate exercise

Join a pregnancy exercise class and do approved exercises like stretching and low impact aerobics. Invest in a good and comfortable pair of walking shoes and go for regular walks. Apart from helping you lose weight, this also helps to eliminate cramps and pains from your strained muscles.

Eat every 2-3 hours

Feeding your body every 2-3 hours is the new age mantra to control cravings and indulge in healthy foods more often. This keeps your metabolism ticking and holds your blood sugar at a consistent level. Naturally you are less inclined to grab high calorie snacks during the day.

Take adequate rest

Taking adequate rest is as important as visiting the doctor for check-up. Spending leisure hours, sleeping for 8 -10 hours and taking small power naps can help you to stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy.

Any attempt at losing weight while pregnant must always be preceded by the doctor's approval and advice. Safety and good health is of more importance than rapid weight loss, and you must ensure that you go about it in the right way to avoid harming your unborn child in any way.

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