Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

A plateau is defined as the state of being stable or level for a prolonged period of time. When it comes to building a healthy physique, a plateau can be a frustrating space of time where no results are being experienced or visualized with the naked eye concerning the physical body. It is a common occurrence to experience a great weight loss and a muscle building trend and then hit a proverbial brick wall and come to a standstill. Muscle gain and weight loss efforts will need to be fine-tuned to continue the weight loss trend while gaining muscle.

Plateaus occur when the same workout routine is used over and over again. Due to familiarity, people stick with the same kind of exercise routine day after day which may consist of a 30 min. workout followed by 10 minutes of triceps curls or running the treadmill for 20 minutes followed by circuit training. Eventually, the body catches on and considers this routine as the new normal and the progress stops.

There are many things that you can do to change your workout routine to make sure that the fat loss and muscle gain continues. A great number of people use workouts that consist of three sets of 10 with a 2-3 minute rest. This is the customary way to train. Your body is smarter and you must change things up to kick start your body and get it to do what you want.

Try the following:

· Use lighter weights and increase your repetitions.

· Use heavier weights with one set of 10 with only 30 seconds rest between sets.

· Use one exercise such as lying leg curls or leg presses intensely for 20 minutes and focus on one section of the body.

· Circuit train using 12 different exercises without a break in between.

· Circuit train in opposite order on separate days to confuse the muscle and discourage familiarity with the exercises which slows muscle gain and weight loss.

· Change the speed of your workouts. Do some days on a fast rep track and then the next day a slow and deliberate pace.

As you can see, the whole goal is to keep the body guessing what is coming next and never arriving at a conclusion that it knows what the pattern is going to be. Muscle gain and weight loss can continue to occur at the same time by keeping the body continuously tearing down the muscle fibers and rebuilding muscle as you go along and by keeping the body busy and constantly working on itself by never establishing a pattern of exercise.

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