Learning about the Relationship between Obesity and Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer is another reason to get rid of obesity as quickly as possible. According to a few studies and research excess fat actually increases the possibility of a variety of disease including bladder cancer. In fact it is the excessive fat in your body that plays a very vital role in enhancing the risk of different kinds of cancer. According to researchers and health experts, obesity not only increases the risk of bladder cancer but also makes the treatment process quite difficult, thus leading to a reduced life span.

Evidence shows that the unwanted fat in your body actually increase the production of sex hormones and other hormones that enhance the risk of bladder cancer. Take for instance estrogen; it is produced by the fat in your body. Studies have shown that estrogen not only randomly spread but also enhance the risk of bladder cancer. However, this does not mean that there is any link between obesity and cancer. In fact only certain types of cancer can be linked directly to obesity. These include:

· Cervical Cancer
· Gall Bladder Cancer
· Colon Cancer / Rectal Cancer
· Kidney Cancer
· Pancreatic Cancer
· Liver Cancer
· Uterine Cancer
· Non Hodgkin Lymphoma
· Stomach Cancer
· Ovarian Cancer
· Esophageal Cancer
· Multiple Myeloma

These cancers are not easy to cure as the treatment process can be quite lengthy. In fact, if not detected early, cancer can be life threatening. Hence it is in your best interests to get rid of bladder cancer and give yourself an opportunity to lead a healthy and active life.

According to many health experts, the best option to get rid of obesity is to do some physical exercises. The best way forward is to start with brisk walking. Make sure that you walk at least for thirty minutes every day; this puts your leg muscles to use so that you are able to burn all the extra calories.

If you want to avoid bladder cancer, you will have to bid goodbye to obesity and get back into shape. This is easier said than done because obesity refers to a physical condition that occurs due to excessive fat storage in your body. If your weight is 20% more than the normal body mass index then you are obese and need to get rid of the excess weight.

The best way to avoid bladder cancer is to ensure that you consume a balanced diet, exercise regularly, reduce weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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