Obesity and Breast Cancer Risk Explored

People who are obese are undoubtedly prone to new age diseases and lifestyle related disorders. Studies state clearly that the percentage of women affected by obesity related conditions is higher than the percentage of men, this means that women of all ages are vulnerable to conditions triggered and worsened by obesity; it is this fact that brings the connection between obesity and breast cancer risk to our notice.

Leading epidemiologists have pointed out the need for action from women who suffer from obesity and breast cancer risk, but very few women actually manage to do something to protect themselves from this risk. Various conditions such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hyperthyroidism and Fibroid formation are direct results of obesity and these conditions add to the risk of a woman becoming more vulnerable to breast cancer. In such cases women require additional measures apart from balancing Estrogen levels in their body.

Studies have proven that women with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) are more prone to the risk of breast cancer when compared to women with lower BMI. Women who are very obese have 35% higher risk of developing variations of breast cancer. Obesity and breast cancer risk factors are characterized by a shortage in Progesterone, Estrogen and HER2 expression, and these factors need to be manipulated in order to reduce the risk.

Rather than simply saying that obesity and breast cancer risk studies state how dangerous the situation can be, it would be better to check how this risk can be kept at bay. Here are a few ways in which this risk can be dealt with:

· Regular physical activity and supervised diet
· Regular (monthly) health check up to keep a tab on various organ functions
· Sustained intake of water and non-sugar liquids
· Maintaining a standard intake of calcium and iron rich foods
· Keeping away from factors that trigger stress and anxiety
· Getting sufficient sleep everyday
· Staying away from the sun and wearing light colored under garments when out in the sun
· Eating home cooked food prepared according to diet advice of doctors
· Inculcating positive thoughts and being around positive people

All these efforts and sufficient awareness about the conditions that link obesity and breast cancer risk can go a long way in helping women deal with the issue in a planned and systematic manner.

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