Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease - closely connected

CVD or Cardiovascular disease, as it is more popularly known, shares a close link with Obesity. Increasing weight is a strong determinant of not one but many diseases and cardiovascular disease pose as a major threat among them. A direct offspring of coronary artery disease is again high blood pressure and high cholesterol, two of the most severe health adversities that affect health and mortality in a massive way. Research teams which have been tracking the relation between obesity and cardiovascular disease strongly assert that the risk of sudden strokes and heart attacks are much more in individuals who are obese or have a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) count.

What is obesity?

Obesity, in layman's terms, refers to the condition of being overweight. Some consider it as a prevalent metabolic disorder that has been successful in invading the health conditions of not only Americans but the worldwide population, thanks to the erratic lifestyles and eating disorders. Obesity however must be determined in accordance with a person's body frame and since this is highly arbitrary in nature and can easily vary from person to person, a better term, BMI, is often considered as a more favorable option for measuring the excessive adipose tissues in a body. Obesity therefore is a general term which is used to refer to excess weight in individuals.

Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Until recently, the link between these two was considered to be somewhat indirect and both were considered to be separate health conditions which shared some symptoms that seemed to be common, namely, hypertension, reduction in the levels of the good cholesterol or HDL, weakened glucose intolerance etc. Most of these conditions were thought to be occurring as an indirect effect of increasing BMI. More recent researches however establish that there is a direct relation between obesity and cardiovascular disease and excess body fat independently affects the heart condition in a major way.

Coronary conditions of both sexes are found to be affected by body fat percentage and studies indicate that women (mostly middle-aged) having a BMI greater than 23 but less than 25 are at 50% greater risk of high impact/low impact CVD and the same is applicable for the opposite sex too, as men aged between 40-65, having a BMI reading greater than 25 but below 29, face a 72% higher risk of cardio vascular diseases.

Weight reduction, therefore is seen as a major initiative, which can prevent cardiovascular diseases from affecting the heart of an obese person.

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