Obesity and high blood pressure go hand in hand

Obesity and fighting unwanted fat is the priority of many people world over. The reasons are pretty obvious, nobody wants to be called obese, nobody wants to carry all that weight around and most of all nobody wants to fall prey to the health risks related to obesity. Obesity is related to many other disorders such as diabetes, kidney malfunction, cardio vascular irregularities and so on, this post will focus on the relationship between obesity and high blood pressure. It is proven by research that people who are obese are characterized with higher blood pressure when compared to people who are not obese. This means that obese people are at a very high risk of blood pressure related organ failures.

Obesity results in an increase in cardiac output that is recorded, so also the blood volume. It also affects the arterial resistance. The reason for this phenomenon is owing to the fact that obesity tends to induce a high level of insulin secretion while trying to decrease the sugar concentration in the blood stream thus causing organs like the pancreas to induce thickening of vessels, increase in blood pressure, increase in adrenalin release and sensitivity to sodium. These processes lead the body to synthesize more insulin and generate high blood pressure. This can lead to a malfunctioning of organs such as the liver, heart, kidney and even the brain.

People think that carrying a few extra kilos around will not cause any major harm, but little do they realize that these few extra pounds build over the years and make a person obese and vulnerable to a wide spectrum of lifestyle related disorders. Factors such as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, improper diet, lack of physical activity, depressive or manic behavior can also influence an increase in blood pressure and cause a person put on more weight. Rather than invest on expensive medicines and complicated procedures, one only needs to make a few simple changes to one's lifestyle to deal with this impending issue.

· Taking a brisk walk for 20-40 minutes per day can be highly beneficial
· Controlling dietary and food habits plays a major role in eliminating risks associated with obesity and high blood pressure
· Finally keeping away from stress triggers and taking things in a positive stride can make a big difference in promoting good health

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