Reviewing Obesity and Kidney Cancer

Obesity can be quite dangerous if you do not keep it under control. It refers to a health condition that can not only destroy the quality of your life but also decrease your life span. If your total body fat is 20% and over the BMI, you suffer from obesity. In fact Body Mass Index is actually determined by your age, height and weight.

Obesity is a problem that most of us dread however the reality is we contribute to it ourselves. There are a number of factors that lead to obesity. For instance the kind of lifestyle we lead also contributes to a very large extent to obesity. A healthy and balanced lifestyle will lead to a healthy body and mind. However, modern day lifestyle is such that it does not allow a person to lead a healthy life. Another major cause for obesity is the food we consume. Most people are used to fast foods which are rich in calories as well as fat.

There is another aspect that plays a very vital role in obesity and that is lack of physical exercise. This is because modern day lifestyle is all about convenience which leads to a sedentary lifestyle. We lead such sedentary lives that even simple exercise like walking is beyond us because it is time consuming. What most people do not understand is that walking is a very natural way of burning the excess fat from your body.

According to some recent studies, people with obesity are more prone to developing kidney cancer. In fact the most common kind of kidney cancer is known as clear cell renal cell cancer / RCC and it is one of the most dangerous kinds of kidney cancer.

Recently, a US research team studied about 1640 patients suffering from kidney tumors. It was found that of these 88% had malignant tumors while 12% had benign tumors. Amongst the malignant tumor cases, 61% included clear cell RCC. In fact researchers found that when the patient's weight was taken into consideration, a clear link could be established between Obesity and kidney Cancer. Obese patients with kidney tumors were more at risk of developing kidney cancer than those with a healthy Body mass Index. In fact the risk increased by over 4% for every additional BMI point. However, the study could not establish any kind of link between obesity and other kinds of kidney cancer.

The final conclusion is that if your Body Mass Index increases so are the chances of you contracting clear cell RCC, a very lethal kidney cancer.

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