Relationship between Obesity and Kidney Stones

One of the major problems that people face is obesity. There are a lot of diet programs and fitness regimes that have been created which would help people reduce their weight. But all these measures are not always successful and you would still be facing the problem of obesity. There are further health complications in people who suffer from obesity. For example, one of the problems that people suffering from obesity face is kidney stones. A study shows that the risk of kidney stones is higher in obese people than would be the case with normal people.

Almost everyone would know what kidney stones are. They are nothing but minerals and acid salts that have solidified and deposited in your kidney. If you have kidney stones, then it can be very difficult and painful to pass them through the urine system. Usually, people who have these kidney stones are asked to drink a lot of fluids so that it would help in passing the stones out of the body. But it would be a very painful experience. There are times when a person would not be able to get the stones out of the body on his own. In such cases, a surgery would be required to remove them.

There have been a lot of studies over the last few years which have showed that there is a strong link between obesity and kidney stones. It is usually people who are obese that face the problem of kidney stones. Also, some recent studies have shown that there is no relation between the level of obesity and the risk of kidney stones. This means that people with varying levels of obesity had the same risk of getting kidney stones. You may be wondering about the measure to determine whether a person is obese or not.

If a person has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30, he is considered to be obese. Therefore, irrespective of whether your BMI is 31 or 51, you would still have the same risk of suffering from kidney stones. But the important point to note is that research has shown that 2.6% of normal people suffer from kidney stones whereas it is 4.9% of overweight people who suffer from kidney stones. Therefore, it is in your interest to ensure that your BMI is below 30. You need to have a weight that is relative to your height to have a healthy life.

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