Interrelation of obesity and menopause symptoms

Obesity has almost reached the dimension of an epidemic in America and both women and men are fast adding up to their existing weights with increased volumes of fat and adipose tissues. In fact, some studies suggest that women are at a greater risk of putting on weight than men, and more so if the woman is on the verge of reaching her menopausal age. It has been established that there is a strong interrelation between obesity and menopause symptoms.

Researchers have observed that a woman's tendency to become obese increases when she reaches her prime or menopause. It is also during this time that a direct shift in fat movement is seen in the bodies of all women. For instance, fat now flows into those areas of the body which were less troubled earlier. What till now predominantly accumulated in the lower body portions of a woman now begins to show preference for the abdomen or the belly. And every woman who has been subjected to this uncomfortable situation of belly fat or lower abdominal fat accumulation during her menopausal years vouches that there is a direct connection between obesity and menopause symptoms.

Why obesity is linked with menopause symptoms?

It is precisely because of hormones that change levels as the body reaches its prime. Obesity, in fact can invade the life of a woman anytime between childhood and adulthood but instances of higher levels of consistent weight gain occur increasingly in women when they reach menopause or the peri-menopause age.


· Menopause symptoms often spark off obesity in a woman because lifestyle changes occur during this time and when you add decreased physical activity to this, piling up of pounds become unavoidable.

· Hormone changes during peri-menopause or menopause often give rise to mood swings and emotional changes. This is the time when a woman is most likely to indulge in mindless eating and reach out for food for comfort. Result? Instant weight gain.

· A leading health journal publication reveals that the link between obesity and menopause symptoms can be established the other way round as well. Obesity can strikingly affect the hormone levels in the body and can bring forth symptoms of menopause earlier than it is supposed to happen. 'Hot flushes' in younger obese women is a common symptom, for example.

A healthy, well-balanced diet combined with moderate physical activity therefore, is the only way to control increasing weight and disturbing menopausal symptoms, as and when it occurs in women.

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