Obesity In Children In America

Weight loss is a quest usually adults are concerned with and keeps them on the hamster wheel of dreams and wishes. Unfortunately, the children of America have now jumped on the same bandwagon. Obesity in children in America has jumped significantly since the decades past and presently has become an epidemic. The issue has come to the attention of the American government who has now categorized obesity as being an issue of national security. It is hard to find graduates from high school fit enough to enter the armed forces and has become a first in American history since America started recruiting youths at the age of 18.

The number of overweight children has tripled in the last 30 years to 17% according to the Centers for Disease Control. The percentage of those categorized as extremely obese was higher than presumed and found to be at a rate of 7% for boys and 5% for girls. Extremely obese is defined as being 120% over normal weight for height. This is astonishing news.

The first lady of the United States under the Obama administration has taken on the issue of childhood obesity as her main focus as she is in the White House. Michelle Obama has taken on the issue of school lunches and challenged school districts to provide meals that are more nutritious and filled with less fat content. Will she win this battle? The jury remains out on this. The American economy is going through an economic recession and budgets are tight, particularly those in school districts across America. Providing a 5-day menu of recipes and healthy meals on a strict budget can be challenging and being inventive sometimes is not always a hit when it comes to creating meals that are tasty as well as great to eat. The goal for most cafeterias is to serve food items that are quick and cause the least waste. Chicken nuggets, pizza, French fries, corn, and rolls are mainstays of the menu in most school districts and are favorites of children across the nation and will be hard to take off the menu in years to come.

Obesity in children in America is an ongoing issue and will be the topic for debate in school districts and community meetings across America. With Michelle Obama leading the charge, this issue will not be fading out of the news any time soon.

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