Paleo diet to lose weight

People of the new age are rapidly going back to the practices of ancient times to set right many things in their lives. Everything from business models, construction techniques, spiritual nurturing and educational practices are seeking the wisdom of the ancient past to breathe life into sedentary lifestyles. Eating and dieting are not far behind either; the Paleolithic diet is one such diet that prescribes going back to the way the cavemen ate to maintain ideal weight. This is a nutritious health plan based on the foods taken by people who belonged to the Paleolithic era, it is commonly known as the caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet or simply the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet is based on the philosophy that whatever is a part of the natural evolutionary mechanism of the human body, it is surely good for the human body. It is a concept in evolutionary medicine that is fast gaining acceptance among contemporary medics. This diet mainly consists of foods such as roots, fruits, vegetables; grass-fed and pasture raised meats and nuts.

What one eats when on a Paleo diet:

Food intake is restricted to eating only natural and uncooked varieties of meat, chicken fish, eggs, fruit, root vegetables, nuts and berries. It also includes an optimum and well timed intake of water. Root vegetables such as Swedes, carrots, turnips, rutabagas and so on can be taken in generous quantities. Foods such as sweet potatoes, dairy products, deep fried items, salt and sugar are restricted in this diet as these are believed to be foods of the Neolithic age.

Benefits of a Paleo diet:

· Aids in effective and scientifically supported of weight loss
· Prevents unnecessary expenditure on cooking fuel, junk food and processed foods
· This diet also prevents conditions such as osteoporosis, cardio vascular heart diseases, hypertension and cancer.
· This kind of food prevents people from suffering the results of mal-adaptations, loss of protective tissue layers owing to bad foods, excessive weight gain and food related disorders.
· Rich in proteins and vitamins thus effective in building the body

In conclusion, the Paleo diet promotes a healthy way of life and aims to assist people to eat and live simple. This diet does not pose any serious threat or side effect and calls for the best of nature's bounties to help people deal with their weight loss goals effectively.

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