Six Pack Abs Lose Weight

Are you obsessed about losing weight and get those coveted six pack abs? Many people with weight loss goals are fascinated by those images of athletes and models with six pack abs on magazines. This makes them become highly motivated to reach their goals. But unfortunately some people get it wrong. Firstly, you should know that six pack abs is not achieved by doing endless repeats of abdominal exercises like sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and so on. It's true that abdominal exercises will play a part to tone your stomach muscles as well as help the fat-burning process but it's not going to give those shredded six pack abs which are like chocolate bars.

If you're still overweight, it's impossible to get that ripped six pack abs look because that layer of fat above your belly is in fact hiding your six pack abs. So no matter how many ab exercises you do, you won't achieve your goal. So it's inevitable for you to start shedding those pounds off and lose weight. To reduce your belly fat, you can't simply target your belly specifically. You need to target your overall body fat percentage. Heard about 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 3% body fat, well these are indicators of how much fat your body has. With a body fat of 20%, it's unlikely that your abs will be visible whereas with a 3-5% body fat, you're sure your abs will be nicely visible. So by reducing your overall body fat percentage gradually, your abs will start to appear over time automatically and naturally.

A series of exercises can help you achieve six pack abs in the gym notably those cardio workouts like treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer. Of course, running in the park is great as well. The most important thing is you burn excess calories. You need to do the cardio session for a prolonged period of time like 30-45 minutes at moderate speed. If you perform cardio 3-4 times per week 45 minutes per session, your body fat percentage will shrink fast. Also adding strength training exercises also known as resistance training like bodyweight exercises and weight training will play a key role in helping you improve your metabolism, burn more fat and look shredded. Your overall body will be toned and with your ongoing cardio, your body fat will get melted giving you those ripped six pack abs.

So now that you know cardio+strength training are vital for six pack abs, let's check the last one which is nutrition. If your diet is poor and you eat junk food or don't follow any nutrition guidelines, it's like you'll be doing all these hard work for nothing and you'll be back to square one. Maintaining a proper healthy diet comprising of fat-burning and muscle-building foods are crucial for losing weight and get those coveted six pack abs. There is really no shortcut. What you eat, how much you eat and how often you eat will make a big difference in accelerating your six pack abs goal.

Of course, writing an entire article on nutrition is way too long but there is a vast resource on nutrition, diet, recipes with fat-burning and muscle-building foods which I wholeheartedly recommend you to check out. This is how you should eat. Metabolic Cooking - Triple The Taste While Torching The Fat! - jam-packed with killer nutrition tips and secrets with over 250 delicious fat-burning and muscle-building recipes to lose weight and get those six pack abs fast.

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