Sleep and Weight Loss

The healthiest weight to lose weight is by sleeping right. Sleep and weight loss have a very deep connection and this connection is often ignored by us. People who are obese don't probably know this that by sleeping less you not only increase your chances of weight gain but also actually subject your body to major health disorders. On the outside sleeping less may not even be considered as a reason for weight gain but scientific researches and studies say otherwise.

Sleep and weight loss studies show that sleeping for less than an average of 7-8 hours can actually cause weight gain. To understand this more closely, let us look at what triggers weight gain when one experiences unhealthy sleep patterns. Do you often experience the urge to eat something in the middle of the night? If yes, then you should know that this has nothing to do with your hunger. In those times it is actually cortisol, the stress hormone that causes one to feel hungry and crave for food. The stress hormone pushes you to binge on food and as a result you witness weight gain.

Sleep and weight loss also have a lot to do with the basal rate of a person's body. In other words, our body is designed to burn calories even when we are resting. The lesser we sleep the more are the chances of this rate dropping. Sleeping for less than 6 hours invariably results in instant weight gain because we are not giving our bodies a chance to burn calories. We are restricting the time it takes to metabolize food and thereby we are not helping the cause.

Many people don't know this but sleep and weight loss are closely linked. Especially in the case of women this phenomenon is more prominently noticeable. It is therefore in our best interest that we sleep well, let our body rest and give ourselves the time to recoup from all the stress and strain that our body experiences during the course of the day. One way to start making this happen is by being stricter with the daily schedule. We should consciously make effort to not keep our work pending till late nights, eat on time so that we sleep on time and most importantly plan our schedule in advance to take things smoothly and not rush.


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