Starvation Weight Loss

Being young has its advantages. When you are young, you are invincible, beautiful, smart, and the world is your oyster. Just take a look on television on music videos, fashion magazines, and the latest movies and they are filled with young beautiful people. Being overweight is looked upon by society as being negative. Children as young as 12 are all interested in looking as thin as possible to fulfill perceived social norms that society has created as been thin, young, and beautiful are highly desirable. Starvation weight loss methods have become popular ways to acquire a small waist and to obtain a physique similar to the male and female models on the runaway in Paris France.

Support for people using starvation weight loss methods can be found on the Internet. These sites have been called pro-ana (pro anorexia) or pro-mia (pro bulimia) sites. Anorexia is an eating disorder which causes an individual to become underweight by not eating enough daily food intake to sustain a balanced height-to-weight ratio. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which an individual eats unusually large amounts of food and then "purges" or regurgitates the food in an attempt to rid themselves of the calories eaten. These disorders can be destructive and at their worst, can result in death when a solution cannot be found to stop the habit. Side effects of these diseases include a slow heart rate, loss of muscle mass, thickened nails, hair loss, loss of menstrual periods, loss of breast fat, and erosion of the esophagus lining from stomach acid.

Starvation as a means of weight loss has never been a viable solution. The body itself lowers its metabolism in order to retain its remaining fat stores and creates a situation in the body that it seeks to retain any calories it can to survive. To an anorexic, gaining weight is a frustrating situation, but with the lowering of the metabolism by starvation, it is easy for the body to gain weight quickly even on a lowered calorie diet because the set point of the body has been disturbed by starvation mode. The body eventually gives up after long periods of starvation and continues to lose weight, but at the expense of the dieter with side effects of lethargy, kidney damage, muscle wasting, and overall deterioration of the body system.

The best way to lose weight is to use a diet that is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats such as olive oil. Using starvation weight loss methods are not a healthy way to shed the pounds.

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