Surgery For Obesity

Surgery for obesity has become a procedure that an increasing amount of people have sought as a means for permanent weight loss. The surgery works by reducing the size of the stomach which in turn restricts the calorie intake possible on a daily basis. For individuals who consume massive amounts of calories per day, the mere fact that the surgery has been performed will be enough to cause great amounts of weight loss to come to pass. Unusually obese individuals can lose great amounts of weight as a result of receiving a surgery for obesity. There are different types of surgeries that can be requested.

The first type of surgery is called a gastric bypass. This type of procedure has been around the longest. The physician creates a small stomach pouch and staples the rest of the stomach off and reconnects the pouch to the intestines. The second type of procedure is achieved with a band. The popular term for this procedure is called the Lap Band procedure. A band is placed over the top part of the stomach and creates a small pouch just like gastric bypass without cutting the stomach. The third type of procedure is called vertical banding. It is a combination of both a lap band type procedure as well as stomach stapling as demonstrated in the gastric bypass. The fourth method is a newest procedure called the gastric sleeve procedure. It removes a large part of the stomach and leaves a sleeve shaped portion of stomach to serve as the functional stomach. There you have it, four ways to go about decreasing calories using a surgical method involving the stomach.

In closing, surgery for obesity is a decision that has to be made between you and your physician. It is an invasive procedure and the pros and cons must be considered just like any other major invasive surgery. There will be recovery time and risks involved with this procedure that must be considered as well before proceeding with surgical means to lose weight.

Popular side effects of surgery for obesity include hair loss, being underweight after weight loss, and a requirement of more surgeries as a result of healing complications. If nothing else, this surgery all by itself can cause significant weight loss due to it being an invasive procedure and because it is dealing with your digestive system. Consider all the issues before moving forward. It's always great to make an informed decision.

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