Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

What's a better way to start the new year with new resolutions which will make your life more meaningful? One of the resolutions many people make each and every year is how to lose weight fast. With the alarming rise of fast food chains and junk food across the globe, the obesity epidemic is becoming a serious issue such that many people are starting to worry about their health. Let's face it, obesity is highly dangerous as it can create a lot of complications for your health like coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer.

Getting rid of those huge slabs of fat should be one of your goals as your lifespan is greatly reduced. It's a proven fact that sooner or later, obese individuals will face health issues which can endanger their lives. You better start tackling your weight issues and also taking care of those preventive measures to stop your condition from worsening and to make progress instead. Because if you exercise plus continue eating lots of the wrong kinds of food, your progress will be stagnant or worst, you will gain even more unwanted weight. Here are top 5 ways to lose weight fast.

(1) Burn More Calories Than You Consume

Let's be realistic, if you want to lose weight, you need to spend your daily caloric intake plus even more additional calories which are stored as fat. For example, if you consume say 5,000 calories per day, you'll need to burn more than 5,000 calories daily to lose weight. This is why you'll often hear this phrase "burn more calories than you consume". This is indeed so true. To ease your weight loss task, your goal is to lower your calorie intake but still gives your body the necessary nutrients for it to function optimally meaning eating more nutrient-dense low calorie foods.

Not all calories are created equal. Calorie amount does not mean anything for instance 200 calories from white bread is not the same as 200 calories from rolled oats. The latter has much more nutritional value than the former. You'd better ingest calories from quality foods nutrition-wise which keep you satiated for longer period of time, prevent hunger pangs and at the same time, helps you lose weight faster due to their metabolic enhancing properties. These foods are known as super foods as they are nutrient-dense and this plays a key role in elevating your metabolism which in turn result in faster weight loss. An active metabolism equals to faster fat burning and higher fat loss.

Start taking an active role in your grocery shopping and buy the right kinds of foods like oats, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, eggs, chicken breast, fish, cottage cheese, vegetables, nuts and fruits. These are healthy items to have in your nutrition arsenal. Dave Ruel and Karine Losier have a great resource about healthy nutrition and fat burning recipes called Metabolic Cooking which I highly recommend you to check out.

(2) Portion Control

It's over the days of big portion meals which result in an excess of calories in one sitting which does no good to your gut. Your body can only assimilate a certain number of calories per meal as the rest will naturally get stored as adipose tissue which are fat deposits. You don't want that to happen again, so eat your meals by portion control that is not too much of anything. Eating a well balanced meal is key for fast weight loss. Don't worry about getting unbearable hunger pangs as this will not happen with the foods you will eat. These foods will keep you satiated for hours and will maintain your energy levels as well, not creating a spike in insulin levels and a crash later on.

Usually a fist sized portion of each food is recommended. By following the portion control strategy, you can easily have several small meals per day. It's not unheard of to see weight loss adherents eating 4-6 small portion controlled meals every 2-3 hours while also adhering to an exercise routine and lose weight fast.

(3) Never Starve Yourself

It's true you can lose weight by starving yourself and cutting your calorie intake drastically but the end result is only temporary. There will not only be side effects for your life and health but you won't achieve anything concrete as far as weight loss results are concerned. Most people who go on a starvation mode eventually can't tolerate it anymore and end up in a binge eating disorder due to their insatiable hunger after following the starvation strategy. In the long run, these people gain more weight. So it's useless tormenting your body through all this ordeal and not gaining anything in the end.

(4) Drink Water

It might be a simple tip but trust me, water will help anyone who wants to achieve weight loss. Water is life and if you don't consume enough water on a daily basis, you won't lose weight as fast. But don't expect to lose much weight though simply by drinking water and not exercising and eating properly. But coupled with a proper workout routine and healthy nutrition, water will help you shed the pounds faster.

You'll need enough water to hydrate your body throughout the day and throughout your exercise sessions which are vital for optimum performance. Not having enough fluid in your body can lead to constipation and the latter is bad for weight loss. You should ensure effective bowel activity for optimum weight loss. So drink water as your main beverage, go for at least 1.5-2.0 litres and sip throughout the day. Your body and weight loss efforts will be thankful for that.

(5) Perform High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) and Muscle Building

Instead of doing your normal cardio which can be running at the same pace whether in nature or on the treadmill, try varying the speeds. For example run at high intensity for 1 minute, then drop the pace and run at moderate intensity for another 3 minutes and lastly at low intensity for another 5 minutes for a total of 9 minutes. Repeat the process again for 3-5 sessions for a total of 27-45 minutes. This way you don't need to run miles and miles at the same pace for hours but instead increasing your pace while achieving same or better results. HIIT is a great weight loss strategy which can produce faster results.

A big mistake made by weight loss adherents is sticking to only cardio training and bypassing bodyweight exercises or weight training. If you want to fasttrack your weight loss goals, start building some muscle. Muscle building will give you the upper edge as muscle mass naturally promotes your metabolic activity thus enhancing fat burning. Perform some bodyweight exercises or lift some weights on your non cardio days.

These are not the only ways to shed pounds fast but in my opinion, these are the top 5 ways to lose weight fast. Good luck for a slimmer physique.

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