Top 5 Weight Loss Super Foods That Burn Fat

The increasingly popular so-called weight loss super foods are taking the nutrition world by storm and for good reasons as they are nutritional powerhouses. Good nutrition plays an indispensable role in weight loss and I deeply believe adopting a healthy nutrition lifestyle is key for long term weight loss results guaranteed. Here are top 5 weight loss super foods that burn fat:


Many people on a weight loss diet avoid carbohydrates like the plague thinking they are responsible for weight gain. The truth is carbohydrates themselves are not the culprit but rather the amount you eat. As with any food, if you eat too much at one go, your calorie intake naturally increases and too many calories in one sitting should be avoided as this makes you more prone for fat storage. There are two types of carbohydrates ie simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs are digested quicker and they provide energy for a short period of time followed by a crash later on. The reason is simple carbs are not filling and this is why people tend to overeat them. The solution is complex carbs. Complex carbs are slow-digestible, more satiating and filling and can provide energy for hours. They are also packed with more nutrients and one great example is quinoa.

Quinoa is not a common food around the world, heck many people have never heard about it but it's definitely a food you should eat. Contrary to popular belief, quinoa is not a grain but rather a seed which is native to the herbaceous flowering plants family known as Chenopodium and it contains a fiber-rich bran and vitamin-rich germ. It's a low glycemic carb, this is why it keeps you energetic, it's also low in calories, high in protein, high in fiber and magnesium, all the goodies that are needed for burning fat. In 185 grams of cooked quinoa, you get 223 calories, 8 grams of protein, 39 grams of complex carbs, 5 grams of dietary fiber and 118 mg of magnesium. Also, quinoa doesn't contain gluten and people who are gluten sensitive or have a celiac disease can eat quinoa without problem. When cooked, quinoa is fluffy, creamy and slightly nutty and crunchy. Quinoa Tabbouleh and Mediterranean Quinoa Salad are some of the most popular quinoa recipes.


Also known as borecole, kale is a cruciferous vegetable close to the wild cabbage family and it has crisp leaves either green or purple and firm stems. Kale is a storehouse of nutrients and one of the few vegetables which contain a high amount of vitamin C and protein. In 1 cup, chopped(67 grams) of kale, you get a whopping 80.4 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which is vital for a healthy immune system and also hosts a lot of other benefits like keeping you energetic, enhancing metabolism and fat burning. In addition, kale also contains a healthy dose of vitamin A, K, B-6, beta carotene, iron and calcium. Kale can be eaten raw as a snack, used in salads, steamed, sauteed, roasted and stir-fried.

Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Nutritionists and doctors recommend you to eat fish once or twice every week and they are right. Eating fish is great but eating oily or fatty fishes is even better. You may find it weird that eating fats are good for health but it's actually true. Our bodies need fats to function properly although not any kind of fats will do. We basically need healthy fats and oily fishes are simply fishes which contain those healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid(DHA). EPA and DHA are polyunsaturated fatty acids(PUFAs) and these are not only beneficial for general health but for anyone trying to lose weight. These omega-3 fats can actually trigger the fat burning hormone Leptin which is a protein hormone that controls metabolism and weight loss. It actually regulates body weight, energy intake, energy expenditure, appetite, cravings and more. To resume, a regular intake of omega-3 fats can actually kick your fat burning furnace into high gear and lower your triglycerides which are your overall body fat percentage.

Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is a favorite on the list of oily fishes and it's definitely the best of the best. As compared to farm-raised salmon, this salmon lives in the Alaskan wilderness and eats natural foods resulting in a more healthy, delicious and omega-3 enriched red flesh. This fish is truly a nutrition powerhouse. A half fillet of Alaskan Sockeye Salmon(198 grams raw) yields 3.77 grams of polyunsaturated fats, 8.26 grams of monounsaturated fats, 42.7 grams of protein, vitamins B-6, B-12 and 339 calories. Salmon high protein content makes it a great weight loss food as it's satiating and keep hunger pangs at bay. Some of the popular ways to cook salmon include grilling, barbecuing, baking, pan-frying, steaming and poaching.

Pumpkin Seeds

Many of us know that nuts are good for health but not many realize that seeds are just as good if not better. One type of seeds which are extremely healthy are pumpkin seeds. Apart keeping your immune system strong, pumpkin seeds can also help you lose weight as they are high in zinc, a mineral and nutrient which is essential for fat burning. Zinc aids the body produce testosterone which is a hormone responsible for building muscle and burning fat. It also keeps your blood glucose levels stable, thus preventing fat storage.

Pumpkin seeds are high in healthy fats, protein, fiber and magnesium. 1 cup(64 grams) of pumpkin seeds yields 285 calories, 6 grams of polyunsaturated fats, 3.9 grams monounsaturated fats, 12 grams of protein, 12 grams of dietary fiber and 168 mg of magnesium. Pumpkin seeds are one of the foods highest in magnesium and the latter has a vital role to play for fat burning and weight loss. Magnesium helps your digestive tract and aids the body in better assimilating and utilizing calories and absorbing nutrients. This prevents fat storage and boosts metabolism and fat burning. Pumpkin seeds can be used as snacks or added to oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies or salads.

Goji Berries

Berries like blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and strawberries are the common berries we eat and they score high on the weight loss super foods ladder but one berry which is gaining worldwide recognition are Goji berries. Also known as Lycium barbarum by its scientific name, Gogi berries are native to the Himalayan Mountains of Mongolia and Tibet and are used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes. Goji berries are nutritional powerhouses as they boast the highest concentration of antioxidants and nutrients than any other fruit like vitamin A, C, E, B-complex vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, protein, fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, and many other important minerals. Antioxidants contain fat-burning properties as they raise your body's metabolic rate which allow you to burn fat faster.

Low on the glycemic index at 29, Goji berries are slow-digesting, satiating and provide energy gradually, so no more binging, overeating and fat gaining. Goji berries also contain a mineral called Chromium which can regulate blood sugar levels so there is no insulin spike and weight gain.

Goji berries can be eaten as a snack, used as an infusion or simply added to your favorite foods like muesli, oatmeal, smoothie or yogurt.

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