What Should I Be Eating To Lose Weight - A Common Query From All Weight Watchers

The first thing that one needs to lose weight successfully is the inculcation of an awareness of what to eat and what not to. A proper awareness of eating the right food is essential, if you really want to lose weight fast. People are confused over their choices of food and often ask, "What should I be eating to lose weight?" Before we start a discussion on that, do keep in mind that food is fuel for our body and therefore the food you eat must please your senses, satisfy your taste buds, provide you nutrition and relieve you from hunger. The only criterion that you need to maintain is that it should be Smart Food and score low on the calorie meter. Check out the list.


Carbohydrates are directly related to the amount of energy that you have. Although it is essential, an excess of it can result into fat deposition. Dieticians recommend complex carbohydrates, rather than simple ones, the toppers in the list being whole grain and unprocessed food like brown rice, brown bread, wheat bagel or fibrous cereals. Complex carbohydrates need longer time to be digested and therefore keeps you fuller for longer and force your metabolism to work overtime, resulting into a faster weight and fat loss. Eat in moderation and make sure that you do not consume this just before your rest time.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are full of nutrients and score high on antioxidants too. Anti-oxidants are known fat blasters and help in cutting down massive amounts of it from the body. Overcooking of vegetables is a strict no-no as it forces them to lose their crispness and nutritional value. If you can stomach it, consume some vegetables in the raw state.

High protein foods

High protein food like lean meat, sea fish, nuts, seeds, pulses and protein shakes are foods to go for when losing weight is the target. 30% of the total consumed calories must come from protein to accelerate your weight loss rate.

Low fat milk products

Low fat yoghurt and milk can fill up your calcium requirement and help you to lose weight faster.

It might help people who are seeking an answer to the question "what should I be eating to lose weight?" to know that natural supplements of anti-oxidants and helpful minerals are available in the market, consuming which can help you to accelerate your weight loss speed to the desired level.


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